What is VoIP? πŸ“±

First things first, what is VoIP??? πŸ“±

VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol also known as IP telephony is a method of delivering voice communication over the internet.

To put it simple, VoIP makes use of an internet connection to transmit your calls.

Out With the Old, in With the New

In the 1960s the development of electronic switching systems began – The rise of the digital era.

This drastically improved the capacity, cost and quality of voice communication networks.

So what? How does this help me?

Well firstly VoIP service providers are usually much cheaper than analogue telephone service providers. Saving some client’s, a lot of money! If you run a business or call frequently from home, that’s groundbreaking stuff. Cutting your telephone expenses almost in half will be a – “no brainer” for anyone.

Well the truth is most people don’t like change, they resist it. They like the way things have been and don’t want to change unless you can give them a compelling reason to do so.

Well here it comes….

Although cost saving is a big one for making the shift, it isn’t the only one.


Most people that are not making use of VoIP yet, are with Telkom.

For those that don’t know Telkom is falling apart… Fast! With little research you can find some shocking reviews of their service and what a struggle it is to end a contract with them.

Don’t take our word for it – Telkom is killing itself

What is really shocking is having a average rating of 1.53 out of 5 stars from more than 80 000 Customers, Ouch. – Telkom Helopeter

With new VoIP service providers rising to resolve the problem, you can definitely expect to actually get service and help where needed!

Why not? It’s cheaper and you get better service!


Unlike other service providers such as Nashua and Canon we can offer custom Telephone solutions for your business, without signing contracts for long periods. Thus, saving you money in the long run.
Ranging from Switchboards, Desk Phones, Cordless Phones and VoIP servers. All your Telephony needs can be met.
Should your business have several branches within our coverage area, there will be a huge saving – as calls between branches are absolutely free!
Want to keep your existing Telkom numbers?
No problem! A porting solution is available where your number can be transferred to the True network.

TrueComs VoIP Service features:
β€’ Cut your Monthly Costs
β€’ Switchboards, Desk Phones, Cordless Phones, VoIP Servers
β€’ Custom Call Functions such as Voicemail, Messages, IVR’s, Transfer, All Recording etc.
β€’ Free calls between branches
β€’ Keep your existing numbers
Feel free to contact our sales team for custom solutions!

Our rates:

TrueCom to TrueCom calls: Free!

Local: 45c per minute

Mobile: 100c per minute

We bill per second not per minute, so you only pay for the actual time called.

Are you located in the North-West?

Contact us or send us an email at: sales@truenw.co.za

We are a Internet & VoIP service provider.

Located somewhere else?

Contact our holding company Herotel, they will be more than able to help you out!

Telkom ADSL vs TrueCom Fibre πŸ†š

Person using TrueCom internet through a laptop while drinking coffee

Telkom ADSL is not the solution for internet in South-Africa especially in the North-West anymore. Back in the day when Telkom had the monopoly on internet and telephone services, they where on top of their game. But as time went by and new technologies came to surface, Telkom seemed to be too comfortable with their market share at the time and after years of negligence Telkom has put themselves in a position where other internet service providers especially small ones, like TrueCom are taking a piece of their market share.

Check this article on MyBroadband -> Telkom is killing itself

Companies like TrueCom are small but motivated to make a difference. These small internet service providers are also being acquiredΒ  by bigger companies like Herotel, who has already acquired more than 30 ISP’s! Herotel is really looking to shake things up and fix what telkom has neglected to do.

Read more on Herotel here -> Herotel Vision – “Everyone Connected”

The showdown: Telkom ADSL vs TrueCom Fibre

Telkoms UNLIMITEDhome lite internet package:

  • Starts at R649
  • Uncapped (FUP Applies)
  • 24 Months contract required
  • 10 Mbps download
  • Up to 5 Mbps upload
  • Line rental included

Telkoms Fair Usage Policy:

Telkom ADSL vs TrueCom Fibre πŸ†š 1

As you can see in the first column Telkom starts throttling from 100 GB and throttles their home lite 10 Mbps clients to a 2 Mbps line speed. At 150 GB these clients get throttled to a 1 Mbps line speed and at 200 GB to a ridiculous 0.5 Mbps line speed!

All this information can be found in the Telkom T&C here


  • Good price
  • Uncapped
  • National Footprint
  • Line rental included


  • 2 Year Contract (if you sign up your stuck with Telkom)
  • Fair usage policy starts at 100 GB
  • Major throttling at FUP = 2,1 or 0.5 Mbps
  • Telkom customer service (ask anyone who has experience with Telkom CS)
  • Copper Theft – has left some clients without internet for more than 4 weeks!

TrueComs 10-1 Fibre internet package:

  • Starts at R510
  • Uncapped (FUP Applies)
  • Month to Month contract
  • 10 Mbps download
  • 10 Mbps upload
  • No telkom telephone line required

TrueComs Fair Usage Policy:

10 | 5 | 2 | 1 Fair Usage Policy based on 20 GB/4Days

So TrueComs system does a real-time FUP enforcement.

What this means is that the system constantly checks what your usage was the past 96 hours (4 days), and according to that usage puts you in one of the following brackets 10 | 5 | 2 or 1 Mbps.

So if at this moment your usage in the past 96 hours (4 days) was more than 20 GB & less than 40 GB you are throttled to a 5 Mbps line speed. If your usage in the past 96 hours was more than 40 GB and less than 60 Gb you are throttled to a 2 Mbps line speed and if your usage was more than 60 GB you are throttled to a 1 Mbps line speed.

What this means?

You can use up to 150 GB without being throttled if you manage your usage correctly.

You can use up to 300 GB if managed correctly with a throttled 5 Mbps line speed before you get throttled to the 2 Mbps! Thats 3 Times the data usage before you get to the same throttle level as Telkom – Telkom throttles to 2 Mbps at 100 GB.



  • Subject to Fibre availability in your area
  • Regional footprint (North-West)
  • Once-off Installation costs at R1000-R2000


TrueCom offers a more reliable, cheaper, faster service for R139 Cheaper vs Telkom.

TrueComs Customer service is also much better vs Telkoms. (Check TrueComs Google Reviews here)

TrueCom is looking to grow extensively after becoming a part of Herotel, where as the articles on Telkom suggests that their time has come.

Living in the North-West?

Contact TrueCom to find out more or choose a package from here and fill in the form!

It’s that easy! We offer VOIP (Telephone solutions) as well that doesn’t require a fixed telephone line, only internet!

Living somewhere else?

Contact Herotel to get connected to one of their acquired ISP’s!