Fibre Internet

TrueCom is the first provider to roll out a super fast fiber network in Ventersdorp and Lichtenburg.

  • Starting from R410/pm
  • High speeds
  • Super reliable
  • The best priced packages
  • Super high upload speeds!

Wireless Internet

Our wireless network covers almost 50 000 square km allowing TrueCom to connect clients all over the North West Province!

  • Starting from R299/pm
  • Our team installs antenna on your roof which connect wirelessly to our nearest high site.
  • Various packages available for home and business use.
  • Connecting people in isolated areas.

VOIP / Telephony

High quality VOIP / Telephony systems can be installed to meet your needs.

  • Competitive call pricing
  • R80/month line rental per concurrent line
  • R0.45/min for landline calls (per second billing)
  • R1.00/min to cellphones (per second billing)
  • All calls to other TrueCom users FREE.
  • Keep your existing numbers

Fax Services

Custom fax service available.

  • Send and Receive faxes
  • Competitive call pricing
  • R95/month line rental
  • Get a dedicated 087 fax number
  • Keep your existing number
  • Equipment priced seperately
  • Fax to e-mail service

Email Domains

Registration and administration of your own personal e-mail domain.

  • R250 per year registration fee
  • R100 per month for up to 10 e-mail addresses
  • High level technical support on e-mail domain.

Public IP’s

Allocation of Public IP addresses for access to your network from outside the TrueCom network.

  • View cameras
  • Access to automated equipment for farming.

Network Building

Custom internal network building available.

  • Connect multiple sites for easy access to shared programs.
  • VLAN and EOIP setup
  • Layer 2 connections


Secure off site FTP storage space available.

  • Secure off site back up option
  • Competitive pricing
  • R10/GB/month

Why People Choose US


TrueCom Internet!

A Herotel Company

Our Internet is at the palm of your hand and keeps youconnected to the world and the people you love!We believe in connecting people!

TrueCom 100 Mbps Internet Speedtest on mobile phone

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